Matt Black Candle & Diffuser

Midnight Traveller

Surrounding each room with specially inspired destination fragrances, designer Mark Jordan takes you on a sensory Eco-trip around the World! Discover our Matt Black collection, from the Royal Parks of London, to an early morning “Cup of Joe” in Midtown Manhattan.

Pure Traveller

Our clean Matt White Collection explores the natural wonders of the globe, from the woodlands of Auckland New Zealand (Land of the Big White Cloud), the floral romanance of the Parisian streets or indeed, the fresh invigorating Nordic fiord sea winds, of Oslo.

Exotic Traveller

Add a touch of indulgent glamour to your home with the Matt Gold Collection. Relive those decadent moments, the fresh zingy market fragrances of Bangkok, the vibrant fruity hedonistic scents of the Rio Carnival or enjoy our rich and sensual Arabian coulis of Dubai.

100% Natural & Sustainable Wax used in all of our Handmade UK Candles!

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