AromaHoliday Trade Partner, we would love you to join us on our journey to celebrate everyone’s happy destination memories.

We’re on a mission to create unique TRAVEL-inspired products, establishing the AromaHoliday brand as a vibrant, interactive, and immersive global shopping experience, appealing to all customer demographics.

AromaHoliday Trade Partner Ethics, as a U.K. Brand, we also have quality and ethics running through our veins. Promoting customers to buy responsibly, with our “BUY ME…PLANT A TREE” initiative! Supporting the reforestation of the U.K. with every product bought!

AromaHoliday is a PROUD SPONSOR of TOMORROW’S FOREST UK”…with over 9 MILLION TREES PLANTED. Helping reduce our carbon footprint for generations to come!

Non-recyclable Pastics

We want to collaborate with, people who share the same goals and desires.

So, please get in touch via:


[email protected]

AromaHoliday Trade Partner Candle Gifts

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