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Best Candle – An Everyday Luxury!


“Always been obsessed with scent and smells, so it is inevitable that I have a love for candles. Over the years I have tried out many different brands, but my favorite brand must be Aroma Holiday Candles Home.

First introduced to them within a beautiful florist’s shop called Spirit in Barnsley. The owner, James, has the most exquisite taste and he stocks a range of these candles.

I have bought the travel tins 3 Travel Tin Gift Set , For example, they burn safely in the study or on the table whilst writing, as well as on windowsills and on bookshelves.

The candles in tins last at least thirty-five hours of burning time and the deluxe range last for over a hundred hours. From the first burn until the very last, the candles maintain their intensity of fragrance and simply are the best.

These make great gifts as they are beautifully packaged and have recently been featured in The Sunday Times Magazine Travel Hotlist. In addition they have been given the seal of approval from Frontier Magazine; the travel retail news.  I am a real convert to these candles and know that once tried, you will be too!”

Travel Candle Tins


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