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In making this AromaHoliday blog page, we wanted to find a great way to bring like-minded people together. A great way to build a community of the Aroma and Holiday-obsessed, sharing a common message with the World?


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Hope you enjoy our everchanging AromaHoliday blog page, showcasing products, subjects, and wanderlust inspiration.

NYC New York USA Scented Candle by AromaHoliday travel memory gifts
What makes a good candle? History of Candles    Candles were first mentioned in pre-biblical times as early as the 10th century BCE. In those times they were made using
Soy Scented Glass Candle Paris France by AromaHoliday
Valentines day Gifts Valentines’ day is right around the corner, the worldwide celebration of love and romance. Why not shop our latest Valentine’s Day gift sets! Our selection of gift’s
January Candle of the month – Oslo January Candle This month’s chosen candle was inspired by one of the top destinations to visit in January Norway, Oslo.  This evocative and
Rome luxury Candle Tin scented Mood and Memories
Mood and Emotion Aromas Not only do our candles fill homes full of powerful wonderful aromas from around the world, but they also have health benefits! Scent plays a powerful
Oil Reed Diffusers by AromaHoliday Luxury Candles Refills & Reeds
Oil Reed Diffusers   Add warmth and atmosphere into your home with our oil reed diffusers filling the room with beautiful fragrances, no need for a naked flame, our scents
The Land of Wax Melts Welcome to our land of wax! Many people question what wax melts are? They are a great way to fill your home with gorgeous aromas
Tin Candle Mix and Match Gift We are on the countdown to Christmas with 12 days left to go! Are you looking for some last-minute gifts? Struggling to find something