World Scented Candle Tins
  AromaHoliday presents their World Scented Travel Candles! We have now released our new cosmopolitan World Scented Travel Candle range ‘Promo Videos’! These can be viewed and also heard, showcasing
non-recyclable plastics
AromaHoliday moves away from all Non-recyclable Plastics! We have now stopped using Non-recyclable Plastics from all of our merchandise and general packaging. Our latest step, to replace our Wax Melt
Dubai Travel Candle
  Dubai Travel Candle and its beautiful nomadic “Golden Camel”. A rich, vibrantly earthy, fruity and yet woody fragrance. Where succulent figs steam in a rich and sticky coulis of
Tokyo Candle
Shop our TOKYO Luxury Candle and experience the tranquility of Japan, within the comfort of your own home! The beautiful featured picture below, was sent in to us a couple of
DFNI Frontier Trade Magazine
DFNI Frontier provides all the latest World news and insights from duty-free brands, travel retailers and airport operators. It’s fantastic to be recognized in this Aprils DFNI’s magazine, with a
Travel Candle Tins
Bringing Scented World Love Home! With our Travel Candles Aroma Holiday wants to wish all of our customers from around the World..lots of Scented Love at this difficult time! Useful
Black Travel Candle Tin Paris
So pleased to announce the launch of our New Travel Candles! These beautiful Midnight styled tins are now available to buy online. Simply place your order as usual and then,