AGRA – Summer/Autumn/Winter Fragrance


A rich and aromatic spicy accord with hints of zesty lemongrass. Calming notes of Indian Ginseng and also nuances of burning fragrant Nag Champa incense smolder in the background. The Taj Mahal, a wonder carved out of white marble representing eternal “Love”…The perfect romantic gift!

My Travel Memories:

As the Eastern Spice drifts over me, I recollect the moment I arrived at the hotel. The opened thatched Vetiver blinds revealed the first glorious sight of the Taj Mahal, bathed by the rays of dawn. Watching it sparkle, as the sun shines on her architectural perfection, its elegant façade glowing like an early Indian rose in the morning. Then lastly, cool and scintillatingly white by moonlight! Any time of day this iconic building never fails to take your breath away!

Agra Fragrance

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