ISTANBULĀ – Summer/Winter (Xmas) Fragrance


A rich traditional Turkish scent, with spicy notes of precious Myrrh and fruity Pomegranate, hit the senses. Followed by a floral heart of Jasmine, resting on a woody base of fragrant Frankincense. This opulent medley warms the soul! Certainly reminiscent of the wonderful aromas experienced whilst browsing around the bustling Turkish bazaar.

My Travel Memories:

Let your thoughts drift to this true wonder of the world. The day begins with a trip to the intoxicating atmosphere that is The Grand Bazaar and its enchanting scents of Frankincense & Myrrh. Towards the end of the day, the setting sun lights up this magical city, like a painting every evening. The candle-like silhouette of the Blue Mosque rises above this historical civilization, as day turns to night, the fragrance of jasmine.


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