Candle Travel Tin Gift Set – Floral


100% Sustainable Clean Soy Wax

Burn time approx 35 hrs x 3 (90 hrs Plus)

Presented in attractive Aroma Holiday Heart / Plane packaging.

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Tokyo• TOKYO – “Petals of Tokyo Fragrance” – Opening with beautiful magnolia cherry blossoms, evoking memories of a peaceful Springtime Japanese garden. While adding body, with supporting notes of dry Himalayan bamboo, resting on a woody base of aromatic precious woods. As a result, the perfect delicate, tranquil and soothing Asian floral fragrance.


Paris•  PARIS – “Paris Romance Fragrance” – A rich, romantic Parisian inspired floral accord. Starts with natural smelling top notes of luxurious French Rose petals. Supported by sweet Mimosa, herbal hints of basil, and a touch of zesty Mandarin nuances. A fragrance that lovingly caresses the room, with a beautiful French scented Kiss!


Cape Town• CAPE TOWN – Floral – “Essence of Cape Town Fragrance” – A fresh, floral fragrance with top notes of crisp, cool morning rain. Fragrant mimosa and pleasant earthy middle notes, followed lastly by nuances of homely local spiced aniseed bread, cooked below the majestic ‘Table Mountain’.


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Weight 1 kg

Sweet, Earthy, Woody, Floral, Citrus, Spice

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