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Soy Wax Melt Refill Bundles! (3 Pack)


One of the most effective ways in achieving a home-filling Scent Throw. Simply break off the desired amount of cubes, place in the Wax Melt Burner and enjoy your favorite fragrances within seconds. Price includes a Set of 3 City Scented Destination Packs (15 Cubes).

Made with premium ingredients, typically used in fragrance design, creating wonderfully complex layered scents that entice the senses, and enhance physical and psychological well-being.



Wax Melt Refill

15 cubes packaged within 3 separate Matt Black Pillow Box style Cardboard Cartons.

Burn time approx 90+ hrs (based on the Set of 3 Scented Destination packs)

Approx Cube Size H 25mm x W 25mm

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Beauty of Wax Burners/Cleaning Instructions


SWEET –   KINGSTON – “Jamaican Sunset Fragrance” • HAWAII – “Hawaiian Daydream Fragrance” • RIO – “Rio Carnival Fragrance”

EARTHY –   NEW YORK – “The Big Apple Fragrance” • OSLO – “Enchanting Norwegian Fjord Fragrance” • DUBAI – “Dubai Luxury Fragrance”

WOODY –   LONDON – “English Capital” Fragrance” •  AUCKLAND – “Bush Walk in Auckland Fragrance” • SYDNEY – “Green & Gold Fragrance”

FLORAL  –  TOKYO – “Petals of Tokyo Fragrance” •  PARIS – “Paris Romance Fragrance” • CAPE TOWN – “Essence of Cape Town Fragrance”

CITRUS  –  ROME – “When in Rome Fragrance” •  HERAKLION – “Grecian Orange Grove Fragrance” • VALENCIA – “Spanish Zest Fragrance”

SPICE –   ISTANBUL – “Grand Bazaar Fragrance” • AGRA – “Agra Palace Fragrance” • BANGKOK – “Spicy Thai Lemongrass Fragrance”


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Weight 0.7 kg

Sweet, Earthy, Woody, Floral, Citrus, Spice

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