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Auckland – Luxury Candle

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AucklandWhite Collection


A smooth, sophisticated, woody fragrance with dominant notes of clean cedar-wood. Supporting middle notes of watery green Kiwi fruit, delicate Kowhai gives hints of florality, while Manuka touches of sweetness. Finally, the base a cool, damp fern with precious burning woods evoking the image of the New Zealand bush campfire.

Soy Wax

Iconic Aroma Holiday Heart / Plane Logo Glass

Embossed luxury Lid / Stand

Candle wrapped in satin ribbon & With Love / Plane Gift Tag

Burn time approx 50+ hrs

Approx size H 90 x D 85mm

Unique Aroma Holiday Gift Box H 100 x L 90 x W 90mm

280g / 30cl


My Travel Memories:

New Zealand the “Land of the Big White Cloud” my personal ‘Spiritual Utopia’ and actual adopted home of my family. Auckland a vibrant cosmopolitan city with the sprawling Bay of Islands to the north, the remote Coromandel Peninsula to the east and the rugged Waitakere Ranges to the west. Auckland has always been the gateway to this breathtaking country.

So ‘Bitter/Sweet’, Sweet when you arrive “Kia Ora” (hello) but very bitter when you tearfully fly away. Visiting this country more times than anywhere else, my overwhelming memories are of friendliness, enjoyment and a natural detoxification that the Kiwi way of life provides, simply pure Maori magic.


A smooth, sophisticated, woody fragrance with dominant notes of clean cedar-wood. While supporting notes of watery green kiwi fruit, delicate kowhai gives hints of florality and manuka gives touches of sweetness. The base composed of cool, damp fern and precious burning woods, evoking the image of a NZ bush camp fire.

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Weight 1 kg

Black, White, Gold


Kingston – Sweet, New York – Earthy, London – Woody, Tokyo – Floral, Rome – Citrus, Istanbul – Spice, Cape Town – Floral, Bangkok – Spice, Rio – Sweet, Dubai – Earthy, Sydney – Woody, Valencia – Citrus, Agra – Spice, Paris – Floral, Oslo – Earthy, Hawaii – Sweet, Heraklion – Citrus, Auckland – Woody

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