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Presented in attractive Ruby Red Aroma Holiday Heart / Santa’s Sleigh packaging.

1 x Dubai / 1 x Istanbul / 1 x Sydney

Soy Wax

Burn time approx 30 hrs x 3 (90 hrs in total)

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CHRISTMAS Special Edition Scented Travel Candle Gift Set – “HAPPY HOLIDAYS”  

Istanbul• ISTANBUL – “Grand Bazaar Fragrance” – A rich exotic scent, with spicy notes of precious Myrrh and fruity Pomegranate, hit the senses. Followed by a floral heart of Jasmine, resting on a woody base of fragrant Frankincense. This opulent medley warms the soul! Certainly reminiscent of the wonderful aromas experienced whilst browsing around the bustling Turkish bazaar.


Sydney• SYDNEY – “Green & Gold Fragrance” – An invigorating woody accord, alongside fresh top notes of Eucalyptus and zesty Lemon. All resting on a base of warm precious woods and rich opulent Asian amber. The celebration of memories of wild and multi-cultural Australia.


Dubai • DUBAI – Earthy – “Dubai Luxury Fragrance” – A rich, vibrantly earthy, fruity, and yet woody fragrance. Where succulent figs steam in a rich and sticky coulis of portly plum and sweet, mouth-watering Middle Eastern honey. Lastly, descending onto a base of luxuriant amber, softwoods, and exotic Asian Oud…a touch of pure “Liquid Arabian Gold”.


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Weight 1 kg

Sweet, Earthy, Woody, Floral, Citrus, Spice

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