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  • AromaHoliday World Spa Hand Wash & Body Lotion Sets



Aroma Holiday “World Spa” Collection – VEGAN!

4 signature timeless Aroma Holiday World Spa branded Hand & Body products!  A new collection reflects the tranquility of a relaxing vacation, combining cool Ice White, Matt Black, and subtle rich Gold detailing.

The range complements the chic modern home of today and reflects Aroma Holiday’s stylish lifestyle products.



Non-recyclable Pastics

To source more sustainable packaging solutions, we currently use bottles made from Recyclable Sugarcane!


HAND WASH & LOTION SETS – 4 World Spa Signature Scents!

Lemongrass & GingerHand Wash & Lotion Sets

Reminiscent of the fragrant markets of Thailand, personally selected by founder Mark Jordan based on past global travel adventures!

Helping both body & mind, this signature aromatic zingy fusion of spicy revitalizing crushed Ginger Root, combined with the sun-drenched antibacterial properties of Citrus Asian Lemongrass, will restore suppleness & hydration to the skin. Why not treat yourself or a guest, to the rich & intensely invigorating aromas of our ‘World Spa’ collection?

Pink Pepper & Rose

A sparkling fresh & moisturizing French-inspired fragrance, on a base of rich cedar wood, romantic rose with a dash of, fruity Parisian attitude.

Cuban Tobacco & Oak Hand Wash & Lotion Sets

Slightly spicy, woody cognac-infused indulgent South American/Latin scent. A place where time stands still, calm, tranquil yet beating to its own Havana drum.

Himalayan Cedar & Jasmine 

This invigorating Tibetan mountain retreat fragrance, infused with evergreen eucalyptus, fresh bergamot, and warm cedar wood, descends to a base of sweet, spicy, nourishing Tonka-Bean, for that everyday “Top of the World “ feeling.


Moving towards a better environment, AromaHoliday has switched all Hand Wash & Lotion Set containers to Sugarcane Bioplastic! 

Bioplastics are plastic materials from renewable biological resources, such as vegetable oils, cornstarch, or sugarcane.

Instead of fossil-based materials, these custom packaging products are sourced from a 100% renewable resource: Sugarcane.

Therefore, the carbon footprint is lower than traditional plastic bottles and jars because sugarcane absorbs CO2 from the air as it grows. Furthermore, not only that, they are also 100% recyclable.

So, now all AromaHoliday’s Hand Wash & Lotion packaging is made from 100% biobased material derived from sugarcane.

Watch this Bio-Plastic VIDEO

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Lemongrass & Ginger, Pink Pepper & Rose, Cuban Tobacco & Oak, Himalayan Cedar & Jasmine

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