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If you could pinpoint the distinct scent of each place you have ever travelled to, you would wouldn’t you?

Like that time you visited Tokyo on a romantic getaway perhaps? And now, every time you smell a hint of magnolia or cherry it brings you back to that time. Or maybe, that time you went to Oslo, the earthy scents of the Norwegian fjord filled your senses! The crisp air blew past, as you heard the pure ocean waves.

Midnight Traveller, Pure Traveller, and the Exotic Traveller are three collections by Aroma Holiday! These re-create the fragrances of each city that founder Mark Jordan experienced on his three-year-long travels across the world.

If, like Mark, you cannot get enough of all the places you’ve been to, and wish you could go back, or perhaps are planning to travel across the world?

Prepare to read about 18 unique fragrances, that will surely just tug away at the hidden adventurer! For now why not purchase these Aroma Holiday collections and enjoy in your own home.”

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