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If you could pinpoint the distinct scent of each place you have ever travelled to, you would, wouldn’t you?

Like that time you visited Tokyo on a romantic getaway perhaps? Therefore, every time you smell a hint of magnolia or cherry it brings you back to that place. For instance, the time you went to Oslo, the earthy scents of the Norwegian fjord filled your senses! The crisp air blew past, as you heard the pure ocean waves.

Three Aroma Holiday Candle Collections?

Midnight, Pure, and Gold Traveller are three collections by Aroma Holiday. These candles re-create the fragrances of each city that founder Mark Jordan experienced on his global travels.

Within the Midnight Traveller Collection you will find:

London – A woody scent with green herbal accords, and notes of Red English rose petals. Followed by freshly cut grass, hints of green tea and sandalwood. Reminiscent of Mark Jordan’s youth running through St. James’s Park, feeling as though, he had discovered an oasis in the metropolis.

Mark’s London Top Tip

London is unique in that way, with its 8 beautiful green and large Royal Parks, lakes and abundance of wildlife including Swans, wild deer etc, and no other major city can boast such treats…so why not enjoy?

Tokyo – Opens with a magnolia cherry blossom, as if from a Japanese garden, with notes of Himalayan bamboo on a base of aromatic woods. Unexpected aromas during a spring trail hike up Mount Takao, where the Wild Orchids were in bloom.

Mark’s Tokyo Top Tip

Aroma Holiday Candle: Escape the busy urban centre, stroll through Shinjuku Gyoen Park, and sit and gaze upon the tranquil cherry blossoms swaying in the Asian breeze. As well as a structure dominating the entrance to the Sensoji Temple – the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) is worth a look.

Istanbul – Its spicy notes of myrrh and pomegranate followed by Jasmine with a woody and fragrant frankincense base, bring back the memory of browsing through a Turkish Bazaar under the setting sun and touch of the coastal breeze.

Mark’s Istanbul Top Tip

Find a restaurant with a rooftop view, we had a wonderful meal at the Turk Art Hotel restaurant located in the Eminönü peninsula which is called Old City.

Kingston – Hypnotic sweet caramel and rich rum notes. Edible touch of Jamaican ginger cake and succulent dried fruit. The subtle hint of smoke and creamy vanilla is an unforgettable experience. But yet a Jamaican paradise. Sipping too many rum drinks and seeing the world pass by in this colonial-looking room, forged between ferns and palm trees.

Mark’s Kingston Top Tip

 Unwind at the end of the day at one of the best watering holes in Jamaica. Certainly, worth a chilled cocktail or two at the Mahogany Tree Bar Devon House.

Rome – Aroma Holiday Candle BEST SELLER! With a medley of damson plum, blackberry, apple, raspberry, blackcurrant, dew fruit, grapefruit and sweet lemon.  The plethora of sweet notes alongside Vin blanc, thyme, precious woods, and musk. Certainly, will transport you to the heart of an Italian fruit festival. From a stopover on a Mediterranean cruise, these aromas of citrus fruits leave a long-lasting memory souvenir.

Mark’s Rome Top Tip

Treat yourself to one of the world’s best ice creams, near the Trevi Fountain at Valentino’s!

New York – Earthy notes of sweetly spiced apple and cinnamon with the nuance of warm chestnut and roasted coffee. Become like the “street smell of success”…Ahhh the Big Apple?

Aroma Holiday Candle NYC

Mark’s Top Tip

A lifelike scary sculpture on the Highline, part of the old elevated New York railway system. Now lovingly converted into a beautiful parkland wooden walkway above the smouldering NYC streets.

“Yorkshireman” as I like to call him, positioned just around one of the bends, frightened me and the wife half to death. We were out on our leisurely morning jog soaking up the NY atmosphere and then he appeared!

The Highline is worth a stroll if you visit the Big Apple, watch the morning traffic and please say hello to him from us… he’s now a dear friend!


If, like Mark, you cannot get enough of all the places you’ve been to and wish you could revisit, or perhaps you are planning to travel across the world?

Prepare to read about 18 unique Aroma Holiday Candles, that will surely tug away at the hidden adventurer. Therefore, why not purchase these Aroma Holiday collections and enjoy them at home.”

Stop, what you are doing and jump over to and read their latest article about us! Worldly; “Worldly – Aroma Holiday.

Don’t you feel ready for a getaway to one of these destinations? Because at .Cent we were truly itching to book one-way flights and never come back! But, of course, it never is that simple.

Aroma Holiday has not only created candles but, Wax Melts and burners too! You can buy them individually or in gift sets. Wonderful additions to make your home smell like you’re on constant vacation and make you relive your fondest memories abroad.

So, why don’t you go ahead, and make your online purchases directly at Aroma Holiday?  

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